Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team

Todd Manley - Chef, Founder, Visionary
Whether exploring local and indigenous foodways, envisioning the future of new and historic ingredients or investing in the future of his adopted home, award-winning Chef Todd Manley brings passion and authenticity to everything he does.  The creative visionary behind the brand, Todd is originally from Virginia, where he was chef/owner of multiple restaurants, and is now Executive Chef and Partner of four diverse restaurants on St. Croix. The idea for MUTINY Island Vodka came from his vision of creating a distilled spirit utilizing local ingredients that represent the richness of the island. Breadfruit, found on St. Croix and throughout the Caribbean and Pacific islands, is the basis for the vodka and a testament to Todd's commitment to using the finest, most authentic ingredients. Todd hopes to use breadfruit as a basis for other industries on the island.

Art Wollenweber - Master Distiller
A bit of an artistic soul with a love of nature, Art used his talents as a chemical engineer for more than 25 years at DuPont before switching to rum production, which brought him to St. Croix 11 years ago. He later made the switch to producing vodka with MUTINY Island Vodka, where he’s perfected his craft and found his calling at Sion Farm Distillery. When he’s not distilling vodka, he’s involved in his community, supporting the use of breadfruit to ease world hunger and fortify food security.

Jeff Sanford - Master Mixologist/Distiller Apprentice
What was initially planned as a six-month stay on the island of St. Croix for Jeff Sanford turned into five years and ultimately led him to the world’s first and finest vodka made from breadfruit, MUTINY Island Vodka.  Jeff's passion for the culture, food and local agriculture of the island inspires him to create his signature cocktails from unique local ingredients and flavor pairings.  As the Master Mixologist for MUTINY Island Vodka, Jeff builds on his 13 years in the restaurant business to deliver the lush Island flavor and excite the palate of customers worldwide.  Jeff is excited to be part of the MUTINY Island Vodka team as they support the growth and people of their island home.

Shawn M. Henderson - Director of Office Operations/Human Resources/Executive Assistant to Todd Manley
A world traveler and Air Force veteran, Shawn Henderson brings more than 18 years of experience as a human resource professional to the MUTINY Island Vodka brand. He has worked in a variety of industries including education, law and hospitality. Shawn’s life in St. Croix began five years ago after making the move from Washington, D.C. Shawn brings to the Sion Farm Distillery team his love of the island and his commitment to celebrating the diversity that is St. Croix.

Chris Richeson - Distiller and CEO, Chesapeake Bay Distillery
The CEO, owner and operator of Chesapeake Bay Distillery located in Virginia Beach, VA, Chris has more than 15 years of distilling experience and is the gold-medal-winning distiller behind the MUTINY Island Vodka original recipe. Chris’s mission has always been to produce the cleanest spirits possible. His attention and commitment to quality have led to three double gold medals and happy patrons around the world.

Minelis (Mina) Mendez, Sales Representative (Puerto Rico)*
Alisia Cubberly, Sales Representative (St. Croix)
Krissy Shull, Brand Ambassador
Kevin Jerome, Brand Ambassador
Colleen Cooke, Events Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
Beverly Anderson, Brand Ambassador
Marbelia Munoz, Brand Ambassador*
Dusty Simpson, Sion Farm Distillery Technician and MacGuyver Extraordinaire

*Denotes bilingual: English/Spanish